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Mission Statement

The mission of this journal is to explore constructive connections between science education and civic engagement that will enhance both experiences for our students. In the 21 st century, mathematical and scientific reasoning is an essential element for full participation in a democratic society. Contributions to this journal will focus on using unsolved, complex civic issues as a framework to develop students’ understanding of the role of scientific knowledge in personal and public decision making, along with examining how such knowledge is embedded in a broader social and political context. Since many pressing issues are not constrained by national borders, we encourage perspectives that are international or global in scope. In addition to examining what students learn, we will also explore how this learning takes place and how it can be evaluated, documented, and strengthened. By exploring civic questions as unsolved challenges, we seek to empower students as engaged participants in their learning on campus and as citizens in their communities.

Publishing the Journal

The Journal is published twice per year in an online format. The official publisher of the journal is Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, home of the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement. Editorial offices for the Journal are located in Lancaster, PA at Franklin & Marshall College.

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