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Volume 2, Issue 1: Winter 2009

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Citizen Science and Our Democracy

  • The Honorable Rush Holt

Science and Civic Engagement in the Developing Democracy of Georgia

  • Lali Gogeliani, Mzia Zhvania, Nana Japaridze

Preparing Future Teachers Using a SENCER Approach to Positively Affect Dispositions Toward Science

  • Mark L. Fink

Quantifying the Atmospheric Impact of an Urban Biomass Incinerator

  • John M. Zobitz

SENCERizing Pre-service K-8 Teacher Education: The Role of Scientific Practices

  • Amy H. Utz and Richard A. Duschl

Emerging Topics in the Study of Life on Earth: Systems Approaches to Biological and Cultural Diversity

  • Nora Bynum, Eleanor Sterling, Brian Weeks, Andres Gomez, Kimberley Roosenburg, Erin Vintinner, Felicity Arengo, Meg Domroese, and Richard Pearson

This journal explores constructive connections between science education and civic engagement. It focuses on using unsolved, complex civic issues as a framework to develop students’ understanding of the role of scientific knowledge in personal and public decision making. Published articles include topical reviews, research studies on teaching and learning, and connections between science education and public policy. Since many pressing issues are not constrained by national borders, we encourage perspectives that are international or global in scope.

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